Pop-up irrigation sprinkler system design

Installing a Pop-up Sprinkler System For Your Home. 

	Sprinkler Systems are an efficient and popular solution for irrigating lawns of any size at varied ranges. Having an automatic irrigation design installed will give you the ability to control when to start and stop the irrigation heads, as to not waste any excess water. Here is a simple explanation as to how an automatic irrigation system works.
The irrigation heads and pipes conected to them are buried just underneath the surface of the ground, this is done to keep the lawn neat and to meet the needs of any potential landscape design. As the system turns on, the pop-up sprinkler heads will raise up out of the ground to irrigate and when the system turns off, the pop-up sprinklers will

withdraw back underneath the surface of the ground. The functions of the pop-up sprinkler heads will typically be controlled by an automatic timer set up with your irrigation system.

	Here are a couple of things you will want to know before you get started with an installation. You will want to measure the water flow rate from your water source that will be used for the irrigation system. If you are unsure on how to do this, you may want to seek or hire outside help with a flow and pressure tester to check the pressure and flow rate.

The second thing that you will need to do is draw a design of the area you wish to water. This will need to be done in order to specifically pick out where each pop-up sprinkler head will be placed on the lawn. The importance of knowing the flow rate of water will determine the specific size of the heads on the lawn, which in turn will affect the design

of the irrigation heads. If all of this seems too overwhelming, do not hesitate to reach out to Florida Irrigation Design where we can assist you with the design process. 
	When installing pop-up sprinkler heads, you will need to use "head to head" coverage. This is done so that the pop-up sprinkler heads spray onto the neighboring head to create double coverage. In order to eliminate having the heads spray onto hard surfaces, you will want to set the design up from the edge spraying inward and away from 
the house or fence. If the area of the lawn is wider the radius of the pop-up sprinkler head, you will want to place certain sprinkler heads in the center of the lawn to retain double coverage. In order to install the piping for the heads, there will need to be a shallow trench dug under where the design is for the pop-up heads. The Pipe will also need to 
connect to the main water line. The pipe connecting to the main line is done using a swing arm with low density fittings and the swing arm will also connect into the pop-up sprinkler to connect the system. Once this is installed, you will be able to set up the pop-up sprinkler heads in the correct position with the proper spray distance adjusted as well.

After completing these steps, you will want to install an automatic irrigation controller or tap timer. There are different models that you can get to sense for rain or basic ones that you can set up to turn on and off manually. Lastly, there are systems that can be controlled through your smart phone or via the internet using a WIFI connection. 

If you have any further questions about irrigation design, please do not hesitate to reach out to Florida Irrigation Design at your earliest convenience. We are always happy to assist with your irrigation needs!